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Hi, welcome! This is Zhanming Tian. You may call me Elliot as well. I'm now a graduated student with a master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Silicon Valley, The study life here is absolutely tough, peer pressure is also high enough to let me down. However! I'm still strong, I believe.

Throughout my career, I have gained extensive experience in various programming languages and frameworks such as Java, Python, C++, TypeScript, Golang, React, Django, and Spring Boot.

At TuSimple, I contributed to developing critical systems like the Autonomous Driving Management System and the Trip Preparation System, which thousands of users have widely adopted. My work not only improved their performance but also streamlined their operations. While at CMU, I had the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion as a teaching assistant. Additionally, I interned at China Mobile, contributing to developing a Big Data Sale System.

Regrettably, I recently faced a layoff from my previous position and am now actively seeking new opportunities. However, this setback has not dampened my enthusiasm for growth and learning. I am continuously exploring the latest technologies and trends to stay ahead of the curve, and I believe my passion for learning and growth makes me an excellent addition to your company.

I love making my own stuff: my blog, my website, my tour video, my programming, my photographs... Though I think barely anyone would view it, it is still a sort of infinite passion to me.

On this website, you are going to see all of my creations. Tech blogs and videos! Be my guest and enjoy!

Andrew Carnegie: "My heart is in the work."

I hope my graduate study at Carnegie Mellon University, or, say, in the United States will be a most torturous while pleasant and fruitful memory in my life.